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Where to Find Me at Necon

Necon 34 starts tomorrow! I’m very excited. I’ve been going to Necon regularly since 2000, only missing one year between then and now. This year, I’m deeply honored to be one of the Writer Guests of Honor, along with Michael Koryta and Amber Benson. Coincidentally, this year’s Artist Guest of Honor is Erik Mohr, the mad genius behind so many of ChiZine Publications’ amazing book covers, including the gorgeous cover for Chasing the Dragon! I hope he brings a print of it for the art room!

Necon announced their programming schedule a while back, which you can see here, but I haven’t had the time to blog about it until now. So here’s the rundown on where you can find me at Necon 34 (as you’ll see, the Necon panel descriptions tend to be short and jokey; quite a difference from Readercon!):


2PM   Somebody’s Gotta Tell the Truth: The Smart People’s Panel
We’ve pretty much devoted every other panel to talking about stuff people have made up (i.e. fiction); it’s only fair we give the non-fiction writers, critics, and reviewers an hour to talk about what they do, too.
Jack Haringa (M), Nicholas Kaufmann, Hank Wagner, Hildy Silverman, Sheri White, Tony Tremblay

[This may be the first time anyone has said I belong with the smart people!]

8PM   Meet the Authors Party

[I'll have a few copies of Chasing the Dragon and Hunt at World's End with me for anyone interested. Copies of Dying Is My Business will be available at the convention.]


1PM   Guest of Honor Interviews (NOTE — Extended Panel)
We’ve got three amazing Writer Guests of Honor this year and let’s face it, try as we might none of us have ever been able to get Jack Haringa to shut up. As such, we knew an hour just wouldn’t cut it, so we’re scheduling this for two hours and promising a 10 – 15 minute break around 2PM.
Jack Haringa (Toastmaster), Michael Koryta, Amber Benson, Nicholas Kaufmann

9PM   The Infamous Necon Roast

[As usual, I'll be co-hosting with Christopher Golden. Who's getting roasted this year? Unless you're attending the convention, you'll just have to wait until afterward to find out!]


9AM   Up and Coming: Genre and Erotic Fiction Do the 9AM “Walk of Shame”
Sex sells. Romance sells. Genre fiction sells (we all hope!). Combining the two would seem to be a “chocolate and peanut butter” no-brainer … but how do you do it right?
Sephera Giron (M), Peter Dudar, Hal Bodner, Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Nick Kaufmann

[I may not be known for my erotica stories, but I've had a good bit of success with them. Should be an interesting panel.]

And that’s it for my schedule. You should also be able to find me attending other panels, browsing in the dealers room, hanging out in the bar, or socializing in the lobby or courtyard. See you there!

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