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What Can Be Learned From DYING IS MY BUSINESS?

Here’s something cool. Author Fraser Sherman has a feature on his blog called “Is Our Writers Learning?” (cheeky!) in which he reads books and then writes about what he, as a writer, learned from them.

Last night, he posted about reading Dying Is My Business and the things he learned from it.

Click on through to see what he has to say. I know I sure learned a lot from writing Dying Is My Business. It’s cool to think other writers might learn a few things from reading it. Good things, anyway. I hope no one is reading it with an eye toward what not to do — though I suspect that’s inevitable, too. *shakes fist at universe*

As I sit here writing the third Trent book, Only the Dead Sleep, I find stuff like this very helpful as a reminder of what works for these books and what doesn’t, and also as a reminder that there are people out there actually reading and enjoying my work, which believe me is extremely helpful during those existential crises of confidence every writer goes through, oh, pretty much daily.

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