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Toronto Thumbs Reviews DYING IS MY BUSINESS

The popular Canadian video game review site Toronto Thumbs is dipping its toes into book reviews now, too, with their Novel Ideas series. First up is my novel Dying Is My Business. And to misquote Sally Field, they like it, they really like it! Here’s a snippet:

Dying Is My Business is dark and action-packed, with great (and surprisingly believable) dialogue. Kaufmann does a great job incorporating everyday humour into the mix with some flair….If you like Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels with an urban twist, then Dying Is My Business should be right up your alley.

You can click through the read the whole review. It’s quite detailed, though without any spoilers.

It’s crowded field out there and it’s pretty rare for a book to still be getting reviews five months after its release, so I’m very happy Dying Is My Business is continuing to get some attention!

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