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The Urban Politico Reviews DYING IS MY BUSINESS

The Urban Politico is a website normally devoted to discussing “politics and current events from the perspective of the urban community,” but recently they’ve started reviewing books as well. I’d say they’ve got good taste, too, because back on Saturday they reviewed books by me and Stephen King. I’ll let Mr. King blog about his own review, but here’s a snippet of what they had to say about Dying Is My Business:

If you like the Harry Dresden series or any of the numerous other urban fantasies about modern day magic then you really ought to get this book. I didn’t want to put it down. It very adroitly balances the supernatural and the noir.

Yippee! I’m really delighted by how well received the book has been by reviewers and readers alike. That’s all I could hope for. Well, that and a World Fantasy Award, but let’s not get greedy!

The reviewer goes on to say this at the end:

I think I’ve figured out who Trent really is. I’m curious to see if I’m correct.

Heh. All I can say is, whoever he thinks Trent really is…he’s wrong.

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