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New Interview With Me At Wag The Fox

After posting a lovely review of Still Life: Nine Stories last week, Wag The Fox has also posted a new interview with me conducted by site owner/founder/guru Gef Fox. Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know: how my Jewish background influences my fiction, how I view my evolution as a writer, what the worst piece of writing advice is, and much, much more! Here’s a snippet:

I’m definitely a fan of the golem, as you can tell from “The Jew of Prague.” In fact, I’d love to see more stories about the golem and its cousin, the man-made monster. Too many writers are focusing on vampires, zombies, and now werewolves too. There just aren’t enough Frankenstein riffs out there these days. But generally I’d love to see more creepy stuff and less gut-munching, whatever the monster.

And don’t forget, you can buy Still Life: Nine Stories in a wide variety of eBook formats here.

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