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Orange Pulp

Last weekend, Alexa and I went to Syracuse University’s Palitz Gallery, housed in an oh-my-God beautiful building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, to take in their current exhibit: Orange Pulp: The Pulp Magazine and Contemporary Culture. Though it was a delightful exhibit, it was disappointingly small, fitting entirely into a tiny, single-room gallery, mostly because it showcased only 61 works, the great majority of which were digest-sized magazines.

Also on display were some gorgeous oil paintings for pulp book covers by Norman Saunders. This one reminds me a lot of the paintings Glen Orbik did for the Gabriel Hunt series I wrote for:

An unexpected treasure was this copy of the issue of Astounding Stories that features H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”:

And my favorite exhibit piece of all, this certificate of payment to H.P. Lovecraft for “At the Mountains of Madness.” He was paid a whopping $350. Alas, some things never change!

The exhibit runs through April, so if you’re in the NYC area, I highly recommend checking it out. Admission is free! In the meantime, here are more pictures from my visit to tide you over.

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