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International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

Hot Time in the City, Part Two

Regarding the burning trash cans from yesterday, apparently the guy I saw with the spray contraption wasn't the arsonist, but rather a concerned citizen trying to put out one of the fires. The arsonist, it turns out, was a woman. From The New York Times:

A woman who the authorities said was in her 50s led police officers and firefighters on a chase through Midtown Manhattan on Monday for more than an hour, as she set at least 15 trash cans on fire.

The first fire, in front of the of the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, was set at about 3 p.m. About the same time, a 911 call came in reporting a fire about a block away, at Madison Avenue. More reports followed in rapid succession, from Fifth Avenue to Lexington Avenue, from 41st to 45th Streets. Two fires were set in the Grand Central subway station before the woman apparently returned to street level, Mr. Rosenbaum said.

Dave Sinclair, who works for an airport bus service, said he saw her on Madison Avenue. “She’s like this short,” he said, holding his hand about five feet off the ground. “She had a little shopping cart, black jacket, brown pants and brown hat. She was walking up this way. All of a sudden, all the cans were on fire.”

According to the article, she has not been identified or arrested yet.
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