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Zero for Three

Well, Chasing the Dragon didn't win the Shirley Jackson Award yesterday, but if it had to lose to anything, losing to a talented friend like Laird Barron for his novella “Mysterium Tremendum” isn't so bad. You can see the full list of winners here.

Can I just take a moment to say that I'm really psyched Robert Jackson Bennett's Mr. Shivers took Best Novel? I loved that book. Well deserved. Also, the awards ceremony was lovely. Host and 2010 Best Novel winner Victor LaValle did a marvelous job keeping the event going at a brisk pace while also keeping the audience amused. Neil Gaiman stopped by for the ceremony also, with a name tag reading "Mr. Amanda Palmer," and I was thrilled to be able to congratulate him on his two wins and introduce Alexa to him. She's a big fan of his work, as am I.

I've now been nominated for three different literary awards--the Bram Stoker for General Slocum's Gold in 2008, and the Thriller and the Shirley Jackson for Dragon this year--but haven't won any yet. Not exactly Susan Lucci levels, but at 0 for 3, I'm creeping up on her record. It's absolutely true about it being an honor just to be nominated, though. I was, and still am, deeply touched.

Readercon itself was a blast, and Alexa and I are hoping to return next year. We saw lots of friends we don't get to see very often, met some new ones, and saw some great programming. Our favorites were the discussion of Howl's Moving Castle--a novel I haven't read but now really, really want to--and Liz Hand's presentation of Norwegian Black Metal. Many thanks to mssrcrankypants for putting us up at his fabulous abode all weekend and feeding us delicious barbecue. We couldn't have afforded to attend Readercon without his hospitality.

Now I'm back and have a ton of stuff to catch up on, but before I go, just a reminder:

Tonight I'm reading with Chesya Burke, John Langan, and Livia Llewellyn at the KGB Bar in New York City. Also, there will be a raffle to give away a goody bag filled with rarities and hard-to-get works by the authors. What will be in the bag? Come find out! Maybe you'll be the lucky winner!
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