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Brian Keene's Fear

Back in 2006, before I'd ever met Nate Southard, he scripted a graphic novel called Brian Keene's Fear, which adapts three short stories from Brian Keene's 2005 collection Fear of Gravity: "Red Wood," "Castaways," and "The King, in: Yellow."

It's a fun graphic adaptation of three fun horror stories. You won't find Serlingesque stories with a sting in the tail here, all three are pretty straightforward, but anyone who enjoys monster and gross-out tales reminiscent of the kind of 1980s fright flicks where shit just happens is going to dig this. Fans of Keene's oeuvre will recognize "Red Wood" as a precursor of sorts to the author's 2008 novel Dark Hollow, and "Castaways" as the original, shorter version of his 2009 novel of the same name.

Southard's adaptations are very good, though at times I wished he could have fleshed out the stories a bit (especially "Castaways," where things felt very rushed and nothing is explained or given a backstory), but I suspect he wanted to stay as faithful to the original stories as possible and not add whole new scenes to them. The art is pretty good too, especially Alberto Aprea's drawings of faces--of both haggard acolytes and dead celebrities--in "The King, in: Yellow."

All in all, I'd definitely recommend Brian Keene's Fear to fans of Keene's, of Southard's, and of fast-paced, fun horror stories. Unfortunately, it's out of print these days, but affordable secondhand copies can still be found on the Web with a little digging. (There are also some sellers with copies on the Amazon page I linked to above.)
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