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My WHC Austin Schedule

The World Horror Convention 2011 folks have released the programming schedule for the forthcoming convention in Austin, April 28 - May 1. Here's where you can find me, if you're so inclined:

Genre Mash-Ups
2:00 PM Saturday, April 30 – Dezavala

Nicholas Kaufmann, Cathy Clamp (M), Sandra Kasturi, C. Cameron Pierce, Robert Boyczuk, Paul Tremblay

Horror is a genre of tone and emotional response, and as such it can be found virtually anywhere: in literary fiction, romance, crime, science fiction, and even experimental fiction. Find out how best to get the peanut butter in your chocolate (chocolate in your peanut butter?) with some of the field’s favorite genrebenders.

I'm very excited to be on a panel with one of ChiZine Publications' co-publishers, Sandra Kasturi, and two fellow CZP authors, Robert Boyczuk and Paul Tremblay. And with USA Today bestselling author Cathy Clamp on hand too, this should be pretty good! (I'm embarrassed to say I'm not familiar with C. Cameron Pierce, but I look forward to meeting him at the panel.)

7:30 – 10:00 PM Saturday, April 30 – Phoenix Central

Bring your copies of General Slocum's Gold, Shivers V, On Writing Horror, Hunt at World's End, Chasing the Dragon, or anything else you'd like me to sign. I'll sign everything! Even things I had nothing to do with!

And don't worry, if you want a signed copy of any of my books but don't have your own yet, copies will be on sale at the convention too.

Since all my programming seems to be happening on Saturday, on the other days you can find me at panels, readings, the hotel bar, and the dealer's room. All at once, like Dr. Manhattan!

Looking forward to seeing you in Austin!
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