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We're buying a home!

Only a very small few of you knew this already, but for the past six months or so, Alexa and I have been trying to buy a condo in Crown Heights. It's to be our first home together, not to mention the first homeowning experience for both of us. We originally saw it at an open house the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, this lovely, sunny 1.5-bedroom on the top floor that was somehow, miraculously, below our already miniscule budget while also not being in a shitty part of town, and no joke, we've been trying to buy the damn thing ever since.

Unless you're a homeowner yourself, you have no idea how much paperwork, hurry-up-and-wait, frustration, rage, and heartbreak goes into the purchase of a home. Seriously, buying your own home makes the hoops you have to jump through to rent one look like a kindergarten game of Simon Says.

After our original mortgage provider bailed on us for reasons that had nothing to do with our finances and everything to do with arcane Fannie Mae regulations they should have known about from the start, thereby wasting months and months of our time, we decided to go with the building's preferred mortgage provider, whose rates weren't quite as good and who didn't offer as many tempting perks. They were, however, eager to work with us without wasting our time.

So, after three months of additional paperwork, signed letters from CPAs, tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, gift letters, and ridiculously invasive questions about my and Alexa's relationship and our intentions for the future (I'm not even kidding), today we learned that our mortgage loan has finally been approved. We're going to be homeowners!

I'm very, very excited! Also, after six months of this, to finally have a yes is such a relief that I hardly know how to process it yet. Now all we have to do is set up our homeowners insurance, set a closing date, and move, and we can finally begin our lives together under the same roof. Oh, and then get married!
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