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More Buzz For "On Writing Horror"

Famous Monsters of Filmland--that venerable old magazine I used to read as a kid, which was recently reborn as a website--has published a nice, short review of On Writing Horror. You may recall that this 2007 title from Writers Digest Books includes a chapter by yours truly called "Eerie Events and Horrible Happenings: Plotting Short Horror Fiction," in which I coin the phrase "the phoning for takeout scene." (If you want to know what that means, and why it should be avoided, pick up a copy of On Writing Horror today!)

It's gratifying how well this book is still doing. I'm still getting steady royalties from it--not enough to buy a yacht, mind you, but enough to buy some lunch; that's what happens when you split royalties with, like, twenty other people--and it's cool to see the book still getting some ink, too. Speaking of, here's a snippet of what Famous Monsters of Filmland has to say:

One of the many strengths of this book is that the essays allow many diverse looks into the different aspects of the horror writing....If you plan on writing horror fiction of any type On Writing Horror will help shed new light on your dark fiction.

If you want to write horror successfully, you'd do well to start by reading this book. Hell, a lot of the advice inside is universal and can be applied to writing in just about every other genre, too. After all, every story, from romance to comedy to western to science fiction, would do well to avoid "the phoning for takeout scene"!
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