International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

The Trivia King Gets T.P.ed

I had to miss the last two months of bar trivia, so I was really happy to make a grand return last night. Once again Team Totally Tits was not at full strength, we were down by two members, but somehow we managed to pull through and win 3rd Place.

With the midterm elections still on everyone's minds, a lot of the questions had to do with U.S. geography, politics and history, something all of us on the team were pretty good at. The visual round was identifying minor characters from The Simpsons, which we rocked (Hans Moleman!), and the audio round was "Geographical Bands," which we also rocked ("The Final Countdown" by Europe! "Heat of the Moment" by Asia!). Still, we didn't rock quite hard enough, so we only came in third. Longtime "rival" team Woof Woof Stab finally came in first after many, many months of valiant effort. I'm happy for them, but we will crush them next month nonetheless.

However, in other good news, I won the Super Solo Bonus Round! This is the every man/woman for him/herself round with an answer that's always a number, and it's judged The Price Is Right style, which means whoever gets the closest to the answer without going over wins. This months' question was "I'm thinking of a number between one and a thousand." Seriously. Being a smartass, I decided to write down a number that was really high and couldn't possibly win: 998.

The answer, it turned out, was 998. I'm fucking psychic. I won the customary Super Solo Bonus Round prizes: a free can of PBR (bleh!) and a free roll of toilet paper (yay!).

Team Totally Tits return Monday, December 13, to see if we can nab first place again.
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