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A Shout Out in Fangoria

Fangoria has always been a magazine on my radar, though not one I read with any regularity. To be honest, that's mostly because I'm too embarrassed show the cashier that I'm buying a magazine that has some guy on the cover with a hatchet in his face. But still, there's an undeniable coolness about Fango, at least to people of my generation. It's been in existence since I was a monster-loving ten-year-old who would never have been allowed to buy it, and as such has always had an air of taboo about it, even now.

Which makes it all the cooler that there's a mention of me in Fangoria issue #293! It's in a lovely feature on ChiZine Publications (look for it on page 8!):

For 2010, CZP has an ambitious release schedule planned, starting with last month's Nicholas Kaufmann novella Chasing the Dragon. "We wanted to shake up our usually literary-driven feel and go for balls-out old-school horror," [CZP publisher and editor Brett] Savory says. "Nick's novella delivered on that count, for sure."

Yay! After mentions in Fangoria and Rue Morgue, all I need to complete the triumvirate--not to mention delight that monster-loving ten-year-old who still lives inside me--is one in Famous Monsters of Filmland!
Tags: chasing the dragon, writing

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