International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

The Trivia King is Supreme!

First place, mofos! Team Totally Tits is now a seven-time winner!

As usual, we only did so-so on the first round, the Grab Bag of random questions, good but not great. The second round was a spelling bee, so I told the others on the team to sit back and let me take the reins, since spelling is a strength of mine. We got a nearly perfect score. I only missed "carburetor" and "onomatopoeia," two words I never use anyway.

The third round, the visual round, was a map of Central and South America, requiring the names of the countries as answers. I had very little to offer, geography not being my forte, but substitute team member Dana knew it all from her current Spanish class. I think we only got one answer wrong on that one.

Round four was Musicians in Movies, which we rocked. I was especially pleased to show off my knowledge of Krush Groove. Then, round five was '80s Movies, wherein lengthy dialogue clips were played from movies and we have to answer with the title of the film and, more challengingly, the year it was released. We pretty much aced that one too, though missed an obvious clip from Fletch.

So now we're seven-time winners, a record for Bar Great Harry's team trivia series, and I am the proud, one-month owner of the trophy, which is currently standing on my kitchen table.

We return on Monday, March 8, to see if we can retain the title!
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