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Booklist Review of HUNT AT WORLD'S END

HUNT AT WORLD'S END by Gabriel Hunt
Nov. 2009. 224p. Leisure, paper, $6.99

Although the credited author is Hunt, the novel was actually written by horror and adventure writer Nicholas Kaufmann. The literary conceit of crediting the (fictional) star of the novel as its author is just one of the many fun things about this adventure series. The story in this third installment is a lot of fun, too: Hunt, the Colt revolver-toting, globe-trotting, treasure-seeking adventurer, must track down three lost jewels before they are used by a Hittite cult to assemble a devastatingly deadly weapon. The book is written in the very best pulp style: it's set in the present day, but it feels like something right out of the 1930's or 40's (readers familiar with the Doc Savage novels will know exactly what to expect). Similarities to the Indiana Jones movies are surely not coincidental, but the Hunt novels stand on their own two feet. Fans of pulp fiction, adventure novels, and just plain good times should consider this a must-read.

Only 7 more days before Hunt at World's End officially hits the bookstore shelves!
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