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Blogging is a funny thing. You never know who's reading your blog or what will come of a seemingly innocuous post. Thursday evening I received the following email:

Hi Nick,

I’m Page Spicer from Edelman Digital and am contacting you on behalf of our client Netflix. I noticed that you posted on what horror movie to watch next with your girlfriend, and given your interest in the category, I thought you and your readers would like to know about “Splatter.”

“Splatter,” is a series of horror Internet Webisodes featuring Corey Feldman and produced by Netflix in collaboration with Roger Corman.

As a fan and longtime customer of Netflix, as well an admirer of much of Roger Corman's work (and someone who has inexplicable feelings of 1980s nostalgia for Corey Feldman, much the superior of the two Coreys, despite the recent, embarrassing reality series that all but assured the destruction of all my fond memories of The Lost Boys), I figured sure, I'd be happy to let my blog readers know about the movie. So here's the info:

The first episode of “Splatter” is scheduled to debut two days before Halloween on October 29. Anyone in America can instantly watch “Splatter” for free at, yet “Splatter” offers a unique twist. The public will be able to vote on how the storyline should unfold after every episode. Episode one will launch on 10/29, episode two on 11/6 and the finale on 11/13. Voting will be open at the conclusion of the first two webisodes (10/29 and 11/6).To learn more on how to vote and further details, visit the press release.

Directed by Joe Dante, “Splatter” is about a musical genius who accumulated as many hit records as he did enemies while climbing up the fame ladder. Johnny Splatter’s sudden death, ruled a suicide, brings a small circle of professional parasites and hangers-on to his Hollywood Hills mansion for the reading of his last will and testament. But as his “frenemies” come to pick the bones clean, Johnny has returned for a deadly encore long after what they thought was his final curtain.

You can also see video interviews with Roger Corman and Joe Dante at Netflix's YouTube site. (Who knew Netflix had a YouTube site? It seems almost redundant, doesn't it?)

In addition, Page sent me some promotional stills taken by photographer Lisa Rose on the set of "Splatter."

Here's Corey Feldman mugging for the camera in full "Johnny Splatter" makeup. I wonder if he'll use his Edgar Frog voice or his Donatello voice in this one.

This still seems to be the funeral scene from the film. That's Tony Todd on the right. You may remember him as the creepy undertaker in the first two Final Destination films, but to me he'll always be Candyman. I also liked him as the CIA Director in Chuck.

I hope Tony Todd is telling the dude in the blazer to "Be my victim."

Corey Feldman, an actress whose name I don't know, and director Joe Dante talk shop. You know, I love The Howling and Gremlins, but Dante's best work may have been as a director for Police Squad!, the brilliant cop show spoof from the early '80s.

Joe Dante explains how he got the nickname "Tent Pole" in high school. Also, notice the Netflix envelopes on the table behind Corey Feldman. Subtle!

(Attention FTC: No goods, services or funds were exchanged for the writing of this blog post. There, are you happy now, FTC?)
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