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It's Like Crossover Fanfiction Gone Haywire!

U.K. tabloid The Daily Express is reporting a rumor that Gillian Anderson will be guest starring on the next season of Doctor Who.

This reminds me of my sexy, slashfic novel of 1995, Blue Boxes and Little Gray Men, wherein Mulder and Scully meet the Doctor and have a threeway while Skinner, left out, broods. Herewith, an excerpt:

"What's that weird blue box with the light on top?" Scully asked as she and Mulder moved through the woods toward the mysterious object.

"I love you, Scully!" Mulder suddenly blurted out.

"Oh my God, I love you too!" Scully blurted back with sudden heartfeltness. They threw their arms around each other and started making out. A fire burned in her loins, even hotter than the smoldering tips of the cigarettes the Cigarette Smoking Man smoked. After all these years of secretly longing for his touch, and by his I mean Mulder's not the Cigarette Smoking Man I just mentioned, she had to have him. "Make love to me, Mulder!"

As they rolled around in the twigs and leaves of the forest floor, shedding their clothes, Scully looked up and noticed a man watching them. He was naked, save for a long, multicolored scarf that hid his privates.

"Whoa, cut me off a piece of THAT!" the man said.

I await my royalties.
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