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Parks and Recreation

Mid-season TV is upon us, with new shows sprouting up left and right to take the place of the canceled and the ran-their-courses (goodbye, ER, you should have gone off the air five years ago). Among this new crop of shows is NBC's Parks and Recreation.

This new, semi-improvised series is brought to us by the same folks who made the U.S. version of The Office, and like that show it follows the same mockumentary structure. Unlike The Office, though, Parks and Recreation is not all that funny. A lot of the jokes fell flat. They're desperately in need of a Dwight Schrute character, and Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope is no Michael Scott, though they're trying hard to make her as oblivious as he is. Too hard, really.

Some of the rest of the cast is good, though. I can already tell Nick Offerman is going to be a hoot as Knope's boss, the government employee who hates government, and the show also features my beautiful girlfriend forever Rashida Jones, whom I won away from the evil and unworthy pgtremblay. Rashida Jones can do no wrong.

It took a while for The Office to find its voice, and when it did I think it became so good it surpassed even the classic British series it was based on. The same could happen for Parks and Recreation, given time it could become a great comedy. The question is, do I -- does anyone -- have the time or the patience anymore to watch a show that might be good someday? (I mean, aside from all you suckers good people still dutifully holding out hope for Fringe and Dollhouse.)
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