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50 Sexiest Movies Ever

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly contains a feature with their picks for the 50 Sexiest Movies Ever. I've reprinted the list below, bolded the ones I've seen, and added some jibber-jabber.

1. Out of Sight Great choice! Sexiness isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this movie, but it's a great film. And now that I think of it, it does kind of ooze sensuality. A perfect example of how a movie can be sexy without being sexually explicit.

2. His Girl Friday

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

4. Body Heat Oh my God, yes! Don't! Stop! Don't stop!

5. Bull Durham Responsible for my crush on Susan Sarandon.

6. Don't Look Now It's got a hell of a sex scene with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, but I can't consider this a sexy movie. It's got too much of an atmosphere of dread and foreboding to get my blood pumping with anything other than fear. It definitely deserves to be on the 50 Scariest Movies Ever list, though.

7. Y Tu Mama Tambien

8. The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

9. A Walk on the Moon

10. Before Sunset

11. Once Another example of an incredibly sexy movie without an ounce of explicitness. Hell, the male and female leads won't even tell each other they like each other! But it's all about frustrated desire and lovers who can't be together, and sometimes there's something sexy about that too. Also, great music!

12. The Fabulous Baker Boys

13. Shakespeare in Love What can I say, I like this movie. It's like Smallville but with William Shakespeare instead of Superman. Also, I don't care what you say, Gwyneth Paltrow is sexy!

14. The Year of Living Dangerously I barely remember this movie, so I can't recall how sexy it is. But Sigourney Weaver's always had it going on!

15. Notorious Not really, no, though Ingrid Bergman...rowr!

16. The Seven Year Itch Sorry, but even Marilyn Monroe's famous air up the skirt scene can't make this stagey, stilted play-turned-movie sexy.

17. Mulholland Drive Responsible for my crush on Naomi Watts. There's tons of sexiness going on, but the movie is so dark and icky -- and confusing! -- that sexy is way down on the list.

18. Swimming Pool Definitely. Needs more Ludivine Sagnier, though. Lots more.

19. The Notebook

20. Titanic Look, I love the naked sketching scene as much as the next guy, but gimme a break. Is the movie romantic? A lot of people seem to think so. Sexy? Meh.

21. Basic Instinct A movie about the evils of sex has never been so sexy!

22. Mississippi Masala

23. The Age of Innocence I don't remember anything sexy about this talky costume drama. Then again, I saw it on an airplane.

24. 9 1/2 Weeks That scene in the alley in the rain? God damn!

25. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) Not responsible for my crush on Jessica Lange -- that would be the 1976 remake of King Kong -- but it would have been. And if you look closely, you can see even Jack Nicholson can't keep his arousal under control!

26. The English Patient Zzzzzzzzz...what? Did I miss something sexy while I was sleeping?

27. Unfaithful As sexy as 9 1/2 Weeks but with, you know, basic human emotions.

28. Love & Basketball

29. Bound Sorry, no. I know I'm one of the few people in the world to hold this opinion, but I think Bound is boring and derivative. Just because your characters are lesbians doesn't mean you don't have to make anything else in the story new and exciting.

30. Maurice

31. American Gigolo

32. Cruel Intentions A little sexy, I guess, but seriously, I still can't decide if this movie is a failed drama or a failed comedy.

33. She's Gotta Have It Very sexy, and also Spike Lee's funniest movie.

34. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

35. sex, lies and videotape Good movie, gently sexy, and the closest Laura San Giacomo ever came to being a sex symbol!

36. Ghost Um, no. Not even the pottery wheel scene. Okay, maybe just a little.

37. In the Mood for Love

38. Secretary With all due respect to Out of Sight, this movie should be number one on the list. It's nigh impossible not to watch this movie and then immediately want to fuck the hell out of your partner.

39. The Talented Mr. Ripley Hey, even I can admit Jude Law is nice to look at! But in the end, this one's sexy primarily for the ladies.

40. The Last Seduction Responsible for my crush on Linda Fiorentino (sensing a pattern?). Whatever happened to her, anyway?

41. The Bodyguard

42. Little Children

43. Dirty Dancing Sexy? Sorry, I can't think of this movie as anything but camp.

44. King Kong (1933) Anything with Fay Wray in it is sexy, even if she's just standing around screaming!

45. The Bridges of Madison County

46. Like Water for Chocolate Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot... Should be much higher on the list.

47. Kissing Jessica Stein

48. How Stella Married a Gay Dude Got Her Groove Back

49. Yossi & Jagger

50. 300 Something for everyone! Lots of mostly naked guys, and a small number of female characters who, luckily or unluckily, are basically treated by the movie as tits on legs. I find this movie a failure on many, many levels, but you can't deny there's a lot of skin on display.

So, I've seen thirty out of EW's list of fifty. Not a bad ratio. But I do question some of their choices. For example, I think Not Another Teen Movie is much sexier than Cruel Intentions, which it spoofed. Though that may be because Mia Kirshner is in it, and we all know how I feel about Mia. Also, not a single movie with Sheryl Lee? For shame!
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