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Oh Shit, Obama's the BLACK Guy?

Man, it was a bad night to be a Republican. Not that I am one, but I felt a little bad for them. Last I saw, Obama had racked up 338 electoral votes, roughly twice McCain's tally. Not quite a landslide, especially when compared to Reagan in '84, but damn close to it in feeling. I thought it was going to be more of a squeaker, but suddenly, as we neared 11 o'clock, and Keith Olbermann was talking about how the next hour might bring some news, or maybe it wouldn't, BAM -- the entire West Coast -- California, Oregon, Washington -- suddenly went blue, and that was it, Obama was the president elect. He eventually won Florida and Virginia, which was amazing enough, but even more incredibly, by then he didn't need to.

The Republicans lost a ton of seats in the House and Senate, too. As I said, a bad night to be a Republican.

McCain's concession speech was gracious and classy, I thought. Obama's acceptance speech was electrifying. The sense of history was enormous as I sat watching the results with friends at awv2006's apartment. When Obama won, we did shots and rang cowbells. This night will be taught in history textbooks, and we -- you, me, all of us -- were there.

(We didn't just watch MSNBC, we also flipped over to CNN because we wanted to see the holodeck, and Fox, where the atmosphere was positively funereal. I'm not saying that to be partisan. There were, seriously, dark suits, lowered voices, generally dour demeanors, and at one point Brit Hume actually said about Obama in what I'm sure was the night's craziest bit of analysis, "Yeah, he may be dangerous, but you can't help but like him.")

Outside, there was cheering, hooting, fireworks, cars honking. I'd never heard that before. For a sporting event, sure, but never for a political election. That was truly amazing.

The whole night was.
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