International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

This Year's Halloween Costume

I've been secretive about this year's Halloween costume because I didn't want to give away the surprise prematurely. But now that the parties are over and the big day is behind us, I can reveal it at last!

I'm Father Karras from The Exorcist! (Ignore the beer.)

It was a pretty easy costume to make. I already had the priest costume from years ago. All I did was add some inexpensive water-based acrylic paint for the green vomit -- acrylic paint being the only kind that will stick to polyester, apparently -- and voila, instant 1970s horror movie reference! The paint actually dried pretty quickly too.

You'd be amazed at the ratio of people who didn't get it right away to those who did. Perhaps it was too high-concept, or perhaps I unreasonably expected everyone to have seen The Exorcist a million times like me, but there were a lot of people I had to explain the costume to. Most got it as soon as I said what I was. A few had never seen the movie, which shocked me. How can someone go through life without ever seeing The Exorcist?

You'd also be amazed at how many people on the street or subway thought I was a real priest, especially with a coat on over the costume so the green didn't show, and doubly especially when I was wearing it to parties that weren't on the actual day. I got a "How you doin', father?" on the sidewalk outside Penn Station, and in one incredibly awkward instance I found myself sitting on the subway across from a young couple who clearly wanted to make out but were uncomfortable doing so with a priest right across the way. I didn't know how to break the news to them. What could I say, "No, you guys go ahead, I'm not a real priest"? That would have been even worse!

Anyway, it was the perfect, low-cost costume for this year's Halloween, which was exactly what I needed, since I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

More Halloween pictures, courtesy of Monica O'Rourke and Gina Osnovich, can be seen here.

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