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International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

The Brooklyn Book Festival

So much fun! It was really heartening to see how many people in this movies-and-video-games world showed up in the sweltering heat to be a part of a festival devoted to books and reading! There were booths set up all over Borough Hall Plaza, representing tons of big, small and independent publishers -- though of course my favorites were the tables set up on the outskirts, so far away that they probably didn't pay for the space, where people sold their self-published conspiracy books.

I found the booth of the publishing company I used to work for back in the early '90s, The Overlook Press. I didn't know anyone in the booth, but I discovered not only that they recognize my name, but they're still getting mail addressed to me fifteen years later. Also, I was shocked to hear two of the people I worked with back then are still there!

I also stopped by the Author's Guild booth and picked up some literature. They have a health insurance plan for writers I'm interested in looking into.

But I spent most of my time hanging out with Gavin and Kelly at the Small Beer Press booth, where I ran into dbraum, susansugarspun, megmccarron and a whole host of other friends and acquaintances. (I also finally picked up a copy of Magic For Beginners because they were selling the hardcover for $10.) The best thing about hanging out at the Small Beer Press booth, aside from getting to spend time with Gavin and Kelly, which I don't get to do very often, is that it seemed to be a hub for all the cute, tattooed women attending the festival! Yay!

(One such woman overheard me saying to someone, completely out of context, "It's like the Superfriends, only they all have sex with each other," and loudly proclaimed that that was the book she wanted to buy. Maybe I'll make that my next novel!)

While the Brooklyn Book Festival is both newer and smaller than New York Is Book Country, I like it even more. It's big but with an intimate feel, and because I'm the King of Brooklyn, I knew one out of every ten people who walked past the booth! The Brooklyn Book Festival is now on my annual must-go list.
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