International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

Stop Dragging My Mama Around

It's rare I go out for a night on the town, but tonight was a perfect storm of opportunity.

First, my friend S. and I went to Mama's for dinner, a place I'd never been, though the name reminded me of my favorite breakfast joint in New Orleans. Turns out I wasn't that far off. Mama's, on 3rd Street between Avenues A and B, is a little slice of soul food heaven in the increasingly hipster hell of the East Village. Delicious food and huge portions with real bang for your buck. I got fried chicken, sweet potatoes and what was possibly the best broccoli I'd ever had, probably because it was cooked in butter and garlic. She got sauteed chicken breast, green beans and what I'm convinced is the best macaroni and cheese on the planet. After tasting it, I had severe food envy for the rest of the meal. Anyway, Mama's. Go. It's cheap and amazing.

Then we swung by Second on Second for our friend C.'s birthday party. Another place I'd never been to, though I've walked past it a thousand times, either on the way to Dempsey's or the KGB Bar. Karaoke's not my thing, though it's fun to watch. (Especially all the cute, drunk women there for bachelorette parties!) I did, however, perform the world's worst version of Tom Petty's half of the duet "Stop Dragging My Heart Around," with S. doing a much better job with Stevie Nicks' part. Luckily I didn't have to sing any more than that because the cute bachelorette parties were all too happy to hog the mics!

(My favorite performance of the evening? The drunk dude having the best time ever singing "Aqualung." God, yes!)

Tomorrow, maybe the Brooklyn Book Festival, maybe lying hungover on my couch and dreaming about cute bachelorette parties.
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