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Fear Zone Turns One, with Some Exciting News

Happy birthday to Fear Zone, which turns one year old today!

I've been along for the ride since pretty much the start, with my first article for them (an interview with author Sarah Langan) going live on October 25, 2007. I've been doing book reviews and interviews for them ever since.

But that's about to change, and a new era of my involvement with Fear Zone begins this month. As editor Greg Lamberson writes in today's editorial:

Look for more columns in the very near future. Nicholas Kaufmann, who has conducted several interviews and written reviews for us, will be tackling THE STATE OF THE GENRE this week.

That's right, I've landed a monthly column at the Zone, which I have named "The State of the Genre." My mandate? I get to write about whatever I want to write about, so long as it has to do with the horror genre. (That's what I do on my blog anyway, pretty much, except now I'm getting paid for it!) Since I have no fear of controversy or speaking my mind, and certainly no fear of criticizing the genre I love so dearly, you can be sure "The State of the Genre" will never be boring.

We're starting things off this month with a lighter column, though, nothing too heavy. A way to ease readers into the State of the Genre before I bring out the big guns. The first column goes live this week. I'll be sure to announce it as soon as it's up.
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