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Doctor Who: "Journey's End"


To be fair, some of it was good. In fact, I'd go so far as to say much of it was good. It was great seeing everybody together -- Mickey! Rose's mom! K9! Gwen and Ianto from Torchwood! -- but the story didn't make much sense. It was so weighed down with technobabble as to be incomprehensible. You know the kind of the technobabble I mean, the kind that essentially indicates the writers need to get our heroes out of a jam quickly, and also defeat the Big Bad with some hastily thrown-together technology of their own. So there was this Reality Bomb, which will destroy everything in every dimension everywhere, and it's stopped with a clunky ray gun and Donna flipping some switches on a random piece of machinery in the vault? Huh?

There are little moments to love, though. Davros still recognizing Sarah Jane after what for him has been centuries. The insane Dalek Khan (even if he did really spread that "one of them will die" bit on pretty damn think -- I think it was every other line he spoke). The Daleks speaking German was chilling, especially considering the Daleks were based on, or at least inspired by, the Nazis. The Doctor recognizing Gwen's face because the same actress played Gwyneth in "The Unquiet Dead." And of course everything Mickey did!

But I have some issues. I hate that things didn't work out between Mickey and Rose. And the Doctor basically handing his half-human clone over to Rose in the other dimension felt more icky than touching ("You can't have me, but here, take this piece of meat with my face on it as your humptoy"). Why Rose didn't seem at all surprised to see Jack alive, considering as far as she knows he died at the end of season one, made no sense -- except as a way to let her be surprised at seeing him alive again later, I guess, after the Daleks zap him and he resuscitates, but is that really the better moment? -- nor did the fact that Jack and Rose barely say more than two words to each other, despite their history.

The thing with "putting off" the shape-changing aspects of regeneration was rubbish. Absolute rubbish. It goes against everything previously established in both the classic series and the new one about how regeneration works. So is the tenth Doctor now also the eleventh? Does he have three more regenerations left or two? I know this gripe sounds really nerdy, but it struck me as an easy way out of a cliffhanger they didn't know how to resolve otherwise.

What they did with Donna, turning her half Time Lord, was brilliant. I loved the interplay between her and the Doctor, with each taking on bits of the other's personality and speech traits. However, the way they resolved it was a foolishly missed opportunity. Still, if we've learned anything about the new Doctor Who, it's that no one is off the show forever. Hell, I heard a rumor even Astrid from the Titanic Christmas Special is coming back. Um...yay?

Anyway, so long Russell T. Davies! You did a great job, even if I nitpicked everything to death. That's just the way I am.

And hello, Steven Moffat!
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