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#4...With a Bullet!

As of 11:27 this morning, Jack Haringa Must Die! had the following stats on Amazon: Sales Rank: #11,118 in Books
#4 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Horror > Anthologies

#4. In horror anthologies. Crazy!

I'm guessing either hundreds of teenage Brian Keene fans rushed to buy copies hoping it contained a new story in the Rising-verse, or people just aren't buying many horror anthologies and it doesn't take all that much to make it to #4. Either way, though, it's exciting and gratifying to see this jokey benefit anthology reach higher on Amazon than my 2003 collection Walk in Shadows ever did!

Still, please do try to order from the Shirley Jackson Awards directly, as they get a bigger cut of the Benjamins that way. And getting the Benjamins to them is what this is all about!

You can now order direct via a PayPal link on Paul Tremblay's LiveJournal while technical issues are being dealt with on the SJA website.

Edited to add: 1:39 PM, and now it's #3!
Tags: books, jack haringa must die, writing
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