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Jack Haringa Must Die!

One of the projects I've been working on is editing a secret anthology with quite an impressive lineup of authors. And now that it's all done and ready to go, I can announce here, with pride, the publication of Jack Haringa Must Die!: Twenty-Eight Original Tales of Madness, Terror and Strictly Grammatical Murder from Merricat Publications!

Jack Haringa Must Die! is a benefit anthology to raise funds for the Shirley Jackson Awards (hence the name Merricat Publications). It collects the best of March's "Kill Jack Haringa in Your Blog Day," as well as two never-before-seen tales of Haringa mayhem by James A. Moore and Christopher Golden.

Here is the full table of contents:

Introduction – Paul G. Tremblay
Death to Haringa! – Jack Ketchum
Scratch – Seth Lindberg
Grammar of the Dead – Brian Keene
fisticuffs in broad daylight!: a lance polynomial adventure! – s.j. bagley
The Fate of Poor Jack Haringa – Paul G. Tremblay
Jack Haringa in Hell – Lisa Morton
Suicide, They Said – James A. Moore
All Furious and Fuming – Michael Kelly
Woolly Solution – Stephen Mark Rainey
True Fashion – Daniel G. Keohane
Haiku – Hannah Wolf Bowen
Going After Eliot – F. Brett Cox
The Unthinkable – Craig Shaw Gardner
Kids – John Langan
…And a Dark Wolf Will Touch You Back – Nicholas Kaufmann
They All Shrugged – Marcy Italiano
Jack Haringa Must Die! – Gregory Lamberson
Jack's Night Out – Meghan Knierim
Jackie the Slayer – Lee Thomas
The Three Bad Deaths of Jack Haringa – Lon Prater
Room Service – Christopher Golden
Killing Jack Haringa – Geoff Cooper
Bad Tin – Nick Mamatas
The Foraging – Livia Llewellyn
The Doom That Came to Jack H. Aringa – Mary SanGiovanni
Jack Catches the A Train – Michael Oliveri
A Post-Apostrophic Tale – Bev Vincent
The Lonely Death of Mr. Haringa – Laird Barron
After(life)word – Jack M. Haringa

It was really hard choosing the best of the blog entries, since they were all so good. I wish I could have used them all -- even the ones with rights issues, like the one that had the Muppets killing Jack, or the one with the Punisher!

The book costs $10 and is available via and also directly from the Shirley Jackson Awards right here. If you'd like a copy, please consider ordering it direct rather than from Amazon, as the Shirley Jackson Awards gets a bigger cut of the money that way. They're looking into putting a PayPal link on the site as well for easier ordering, but in the meantime, don't be afraid to use the provided email address instead to let them know how many copies you'd like, where to send them, etc.

Copies will also be available this summer at Readercon, which is hosting the Shirley Jackson Awards, and at Necon, where Jack Haringa himself will rise from the dead to sign it for you.

(I got a nice taste for anthology editing from this project, by the way. Maybe I'll do another one sometime. One that actually pays and has all original content.)
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