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A lovely time at the KGB Bar, as usual. This time, the Fantastic Fiction series was doing an all Inferno reading. It was great seeing Jeff Ford and Elizabeth Bear again, and even greater to finally meet Nathan Ballingrud and Paul "John Grant" Barnett in person. Wonderful people, all of them. And like the silly fanboy I am at heart, I made sure to get them all to sign my Inferno ARC.

Surprise appearance by Chesya Burke and her husband too! Unfortunately, they disappeared before the end and I never got to say goodbye. Lon Prater showed up as well, all the way from Groton, Connecticut. (Groton, it turns out, is not pronounced the way I originally thought, as one might pronounce the name of a space monster -- GROW-TAHN! -- but rather GRAH-tun, which is less fun.) Lon's nice, very smart (he agrees with me that the movie Flightplan is shit, for example) and a lot of fun. So of course he's moving to Ohio soon.

At dinner, we decided it was time to create another literary award named after an author so, with Gavin Grant's help, we came up with the Gavin Grant Award. The winner is presented with $1000 to never write again. It shouldn't be a problem to come up with a shortlist.

Then everyone carried me and Sarah Langan around in chairs and chanted, "Bram! Stoker! Bram! Stoker!"

Okay, that last part didn't happen.
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