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KGB Meets The Best Writing Group Ever

I just got back from a wonderful evening at the KGB Bar's Fantastic Fiction Reading Series, not to mention the usual Chinese dinner afterward at Grand Sichuan on St. Mark's Place. My friend dbraum was one of the readers, and he did an amazing job, especially considering he hasn't done much live reading before.

Dan is also in my writing group, Who Wants Cake, and is the second Caker to read at the Fantastic Fiction series at KGB, the first being Sarah Langan. This is why we are the best. Writing group. Ever.

johnjosephadams was there, and he showed me a copy of his new anthology from Night Shade Books, Wastelands. It looks awesome. I can't wait for his next anthology, featuring zombies, zombies, and more zombies! (Seriously, he's got excellent taste, and if anyone can put together a zombie anthology that won't be repetitive, it's him.)

shunn and Paula Guran both made surprise appearances at the reading and came out to dinner afterward. Speaking of which, dinner was as enjoyable as ever. I finally got to sit at the grown-ups' table (thanks for saving me a seat, ellen_datlow!) with Gordon Linzner, Rick Bowes, ktempest, John Klima, Ellen, Paula and a few others. It was a fun, rollicking time.

Biggest revelation of the night: Grand Sichuan's cumin beef is delicious. It smells like B.O., but it tastes like GOLD!
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