International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

Stoker Award Musings

Yesterday was the deadline for the Bram Stoker Award recommendations period, which means that, as of today, HWA members can no longer recommend works published in 2007.

The Stoker Compiler said he got flooded with over 300 last-minute recommendations. This is pretty much what happens every year. A lot of members wait until the last minute to make their recommendations, which is why I never listen when the annual panicked announcements come that not enough members are participating and the Stokers will surely die unless everyone starts recommending works now.

I don't know why people wait until the last minute, though. Me, I recommend stuff throughout the year, often immediately after reading something I consider Stoker-worthy so I don't forget.

Anyway, tangents aside, the recommendation period is now ended, and I'm pleased to see so many of the works I liked (The Missing, The Dust of Wonderland, Inferno, The Imago Sequence and Other Stories, and others) getting so much attention and doing so well in their categories. It's true that once the Preliminary Ballot is created from the top 10 works in each category, it all resets back to 0 and becomes anyone's game again, but I believe the works I'm rooting for are strong enough to make it to the Final Ballot.

I think 2007 was a very strong year for original horror fiction. Should be an exciting race!
Tags: awards, horror, hwa
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