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Bionic Woman

Tonight's premiere of Bionic Woman on NBC wasn't bad, though it was a little rough around the edges. Michelle Ryan (the cute assistant from Jekyll) plays Jamie Sommers as a very different kind of woman than Lindsay Wagner did back in 1976, and the change is a good one. Where Wagner's Jamie was pleasantly surprised by her new abilities (remember her crushing the tennis ball in her hand and then laughing with incredulous joy?), Ryan's version is utterly freaked out. Of course, back in the '70s, Sommers had Steve Austin as a point of reference, so she knew not to be scared of how she had changed. Here, Sommers doesn't have an already bionic friend.

She does, however, have an already bionic enemy (played by Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff under crazy layers of bright red lipstick), and this introduction of a previous Bionic Woman who didn't go quite right is a great touch. I like that they're already building a mythology to the show -- even if Miguel Ferrer's shadowy head of the organization is named Jonas Bledsoe instead of Oscar Goldman.

At times, though, the dialogue was trite and pandering (when a little girl sees Jamie run really fast and remarks, "I just think it's cool that a girl can do that," I rolled my eyes). And many of the musical choices were atrocious. Please stop trying to put together a soundtrack CD to sell down the road and just give us a really good orchestral score, okay? Thanks.

But the show was pretty good overall, and I find myself excited to see the next episode. That's always a good sign.
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