International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

Chuck and Other Monday Night TV

Tonight's premiere of NBC's comedy-actioner Chuck was marvelous! Great main characters, including our nerdy computer repairman hero who suddenly gets mixed up in international intrigue, punchy writing, jokes that hit more than missed, and secondary characters that are actually interesting and full of potential. Plus, it's got that Baldwin brother from Firefly doing what he does best: growling and pointing guns. This one's staying on my DVR list for sure.

And hooray for the return of Heroes! I missed you guys! I'm not fond of the "four months later" approach, especially considering the Hiro plotline picks up immediately following the cliffhanger instead of also being four months later, but I've read there's going to be a "four months ago" episode later that puts the pieces together. Here's hoping Christopher Eccleston comes back for the previous-generation plotline they're toying with. But I sure hope Sulu isn't dead!

Lastly, I didn't bother watching the second episode of K-Ville. I realized I just wasn't interested enough. I think I wanted to keep watching it out of a misguided sense that I was supporting New Orleans by doing so, but really, it's not a very good show, and I watch too much TV as it is. There are better ways to support New Orleans.
Tags: heroes, tv nerd
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