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The Burrowers

Last night I went to a gorgeous apartment in Fort Greene for a test screening of the rough cut of J.T. Petty's new film, a horror-western called The Burrowers. (And boy has Fort Greene changed a lot since I was last there in the mid-1990s. All sorts of fancy restaurants and bars. I thought I was in Williamsburg for a moment.)

While there, I got to meet the filmmaker Larry Fessenden, who is a nice guy and very funny. I told him how great an actor I thought Ron Perlman is, and he said it was a joy working with him on his new film The Last Winter. Then I blew his mind by telling him how his 1997 movie, Habit, still rents really well at my video store while more recent crap like the Black Christmas remake sits gathering dust!

Fort Greene did not take kindly to our screening, though. What we were told was normally a quiet street outside was suddenly ablaze with sirens and garbage trucks and vehicles that beep when backing up. And at one point -- I kid you not -- jackhammers. Randomly. Right on the corner. At 10:30 on a Thursday night. But we soldiered through.

The Burrowers is probably J.T.'s most accomplished movie to date (though I say this having only seen two of his previous three directing projects). It's a horror-western, as I mentioned, that involves a frontier rescue party searching for some missing settlers. They think the settlers were kidnapped by Indians, but it turns out there are monsters responsible. And the monsters are awesome! I won't give anything else away, except to say that it was nice to see Clancy Brown in a movie again. I kept waiting for him to shout "Happy Halloween, ladies!" at some passing nuns.

It was cool being part of the creative process afterward too, when J.T. asked us what we thought, what could be trimmed, what wasn't clear, etc. My answers ranged from the hopefully helpful "I didn't understand such-and-such" to the dorky and fanboyish "Dude, those monsters were fucked up!"

And they are. The Burrowers is some bleak, scary stuff. There's no word yet on when Lion's Gate will release it, but definitely check it out when they do. It's gonna give you the heebie-jeebies.
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