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The TV Nerd Prepares His DVR

The new TV season is almost upon us, and thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview issue, your faithful TV Nerd is fully up to date on everything that's about to hit the airwaves.

I don't care about reality shows, and nighttime soaps about doctors, lawyers and high-powered businesspeople leave me cold, so there's not a whole lot of new stuff that's piquing my interest. Here's an overview of the new series I'll be checking out (and either loving or instantly deleting from my DVR list):

Nothing new is grabbing me. I was mildly intrigued by Viva Laughlin (8 PM, CBS) at first -- a musical drama about casinos and gangsters! -- but after reading more about it, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I think I'll stick with The Simpsons, Family Guy and whatever HBO original series might be on.

Prison Break is dead to me, so I think I'll check out Chuck (8 PM, NBC) in the same time slot. Nerd plus super-spy could equal awesome. Though I've had my fill of cop shows lately, I'm also interested in K-Ville (9 PM, Fox), mostly because it's set in New Orleans and actually promises to address the ramifications of Katrina and the failure of the Federal levees. Unfortunately, K-Ville is on opposite my favorite new drama of last year, Heroes, but that's where DVR comes to the rescue. At last, I can record two shows at once! It's the TV Nerd's wet dream!

Oh man, am I all over Reaper (9 PM, The CW)! Back in 1998, John Glover starred in a show called Brimstone that was kind of the same idea -- the Devil (Glover) enlists someone's help in retrieving evil souls that escaped from Hell -- but it was tedious and repetitive and quickly canceled. Reaper looks like that same idea done right, and with a Buffy-like sense of humor to boot. Other than that, there's nothing on Tuesdays I'm interested in except my good old reliable Law & Order: SVU.

With Lost on hiatus until January, it's all new stuff for me on Wednesday nights. First there's Back to You (8 PM, Fox), a newsroom comedy with Kelsey Grammer and Fred Willard. It looks like it could be a smart, funny show along the lines of the late, lamented Newsradio. Then there's Bionic Woman (9 PM, NBC). What can I say? I'm a child of the 70s. Here's hoping they bring back Max, the bionic dog!

Nada, baby. I'm sticking with NBC's two-hour block of the best comedies on network TV: My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office and Scrubs. And now that I've got DVR, I can start watching Smallville again too! (Last season, when I didn't have DVR, it was on opposite The Office, and I don't miss The Office for nothin'.)

Hmmm. Maybe Moonlight (9 PM, CBS). Maybe. Do we really need another L.A.-based vampire detective show? After Forever Knight and, of course, Angel, I think the premise might be played out. Possible saving grace: Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars' Logan) as a spoiled, super-rich vampire. Awww yeah.

What about you, faithful readers? Any new shows you're looking forward to?
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