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International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

The Slocum Express Is Now Making All Local Stops

So far, it's been a General Slocum's Gold kind of day.

First I got an email from the publisher telling me the chapbook has now gone into its second printing. Excitement! I'm don't think I've had anything go into a second printing before.

Then I got word that there's a new review of Slocum at Horror World. Here are some of the nice things they had to say:

"A compelling, exciting adventure....Nicholas Kaufmann's prose is crisp and clean, and his characters live, breathe and bleed. What could have been a humdrum heist story in the hands of anyone else is turned on its ear and given a fresh perspective. Harkening back to the pulpy men's adventure stories of the 30's and 40's, GENERAL SLOCUM'S GOLD is a dark thrill ride that will keep you reading frantically until you reach its exciting climax."

(And while at Horror World, also check out the excellent reviews of leethomas's The Dust of Wonderland and glamberson's Johnny Gruesome!)

Still haven't ordered a copy of General Slocum's Gold? No worries: you can order right from the publisher. (Shocklines is sold out and won't be restocking. The publisher is looking into getting it stocked at other online bookstores as we speak.)
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