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Doctor Who: "Gridlock"

Science fiction is always at its best when it takes a contemporary issue and builds on it, usually to a satirical extreme. The "Gridlock" episode of Doctor Who -- which aired while I was at Necon; thank you, DVR! -- does this admirably with what is essentially a "traffic jam planet." Whole families live for years in their cars, always assuming the traffic will ease up soon and they'll be on their way. It's kind of how we felt on the I-95 coming home from Rhode Island!

I was never a big fan of the Face of Boe. He's basically a giant head in an oversized aquarium, so it's hard to take him seriously. Still, it's a testament to the show that they can still make you care about what he has to say. ("You are not alone." Tingle!)

Also...the Macra! The Macra were last seen in the 1967 serial "The Macra Terror", with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. Unfortunately, that one was lost to the great Beeb video wipeout a few decades ago, so we'll never have the chance to see how 1967 BBC effects personnel visualized giant, sentient crabs. I'm going to guess there was a lot of papier-mache and some quick cut-aways to reaction shots.

Anyway, I love when the new Who features things I recognize from the old series, even when it's little stuff like the Macra, or the Autons in the very first episode. It makes me feel extra dorktastic.
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