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Horror Message Boards Make Me Want to F***ing Die

As anyone who's been following this journal for a while knows, I tend to avoid the online message boards. I only read the HWA board, and even then it's only to find nuggets of inside information, submissions guidelines, etc. I used to read other boards, like Shocklines, but they started to make my head hurt with their seemingly unending army of mouth-breathing, knee-jerking idiots who don't know when not to hit Post. Seriously, for a while it was enough to turn me off to the horror genre entirely.

Then, today, I broke my years-long message board moratorium to pop over to the Shocklines board just to quickly look up some WHC information. There, I saw a whole thread devoted to my good friend sarahlangan's novel The Keeper. I decided to click on it to see what people were saying, and I saw this:

Sarah resptored my faith in women horror authors.
I know this could come across as sexist or even be interpreted as misogynistic but some ( wouldn't couldn't be further from the truth BTW ), but I was begining to think that the women in the genre weren't writing anything unless it featured vampires & romance or werewolves & sex or vampire women detectives in a romance with a sexy werewolf ... You get the idea.
But, THE KEEPER got me excited about female authors work in the genre again for the first time in a few years.

Huh. Yeah. I think it's going to be another year, at least, before I look at a horror message board again.
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