International Bon Vivant and Raconteur (nick_kaufmann) wrote,
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

The Winner

I have a strange connection to Rob Corddry. An ex-girlfriend of mine did improv with him. Another friend did Shakespeare with him. And when Corddry and his wife still lived in New York, they used to come into the video store all the time. I was always trying to make him laugh and rarely succeeded, but the one or two times it worked made me feel like the funniest man in Brooklyn. Then he left The Daily Show, landed a pilot and moved to L.A.

That pilot turned out to be The Winner, which premiered tonight on Fox. It started at 8:30, right after The Simpsons. I turned it off at 8:38. There was nothing new, original or exciting in the premise, the acting or the overblown laugh track (a grumpy man telling his wife to shut up doesn't earn the canned sounds of sidesplitting hilarity). It's like every other tepid sitcom you've ever seen.

Sorry, Rob. I hope this does well for you. But if the rest of the viewing public turns off to it as quickly as I did, well, here's hoping the next one hits. You deserve a good comedy vehicle.
Tags: tv nerd
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