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Ch-Ch-Ch Ah-Ah-Ah

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Here's hoping you don't get a visit from Jason Voorhees (or his cranky mom) or too much bad luck. glamberson, dean_italiano and gsguitar have already been zapped with bad luck by two feet of snow in the Buffalo/Waterloo area.

Today is also the first annual International Horror Day, where fans, professionals and creators are forming a united front "to buy a horror book, give away a horror book, rent a horror video, host a movie night, read ghost stories to children, or talk to the local library, bookstore, video store, newspaper, or radio station." At first, I thought Horror Day was a silly idea -- every day is Horror Day! -- but I think this might actually turn out to be a worthwhile endeavor if enough people get involved, and especially if enough people vote for the horror genre with their pocketbooks.

(As a side note, does anyone still say "pocketbook," or is it just "wallet" now?)

Tonight I'm heading over to Rocketship, the comic book store in my neighborhood that puts all others to shame by actually being classy and devoted to the art form instead of filthy and filled with towering racks of action figures, t-shirts and used Star Trek novels, to see Brian K. Vaughan, author of the much-loved-by-me Y: The Last Man series. I'll be talking up International Horror Day while I'm there.

However you wind up celebrating Friday the 13th, whether it's by participating in International Horror Day, digging out from under an early snowfall, or macheteing a group of teenage camp counselors, I hope it's a pleasant one for you.
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