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While it may be a while before we see a fourth Terminator film, fans of the franchise will be happy to hear that a television show is now on the fast-track to production. Warner Bros. TV has tapped David Nutter to direct the pilot for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, with filming to begin early next year in New Mexico.

Story will take place immediately after Terminator 2: Judgment Day, following Sarah Connor as she lives a life on the run, and casting for the show will begin immediately. For those of you itching to know, Linda Hamilton (who played Connor in the first two Terminator installments) and Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be reprising their roles.

I think claiming that Terminator fans will be happy to hear the news is a stretch. I considered myself a fan of the franchise, and I thought the third movie was such an unnecessary cash-in that I lost interest in the entire trilogy. And now a TV show? This could be even worse than Lucas's proposed Star Wars TV series.

But who knows? I thought Stargate SG1 was a lame idea for a show, but it ran on Sci-Fi for ten years. I never watched it, but I can see how Stargate lends itself to a TV structure better than Terminator would. The characters could go to a different world each week and get in all sorts of trouble, just like in Star Trek or Dr. Who or, to a certain extent, Space: 1999. But The Sarah Connor Chronicles - and how's that for a ridiculous name? - looks like nothing more than a science fiction update of The Fugitive, with Sarah Connor in the Dr. Kimball role and the Terminator pulling double duty as both Lt. Gerard and the one-armed man.

The article claims its success will depend on casting, and for once I agree with this normally fannish assessment. I think they should take a lesson from recent television history and cast the only two actors who have ever been hired to change ratings-challenged series into successful ones by their mere presence.

Heather Locklear as Sarah Connor.

William Shatner as the Terminator.

That I'd watch.
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