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Photos from MarcyCon 2006

MarcyCon, a weekend-long BBQ held annually at dean_italiano and gsguitar's house in Waterloo, Ontario, is always a fun time, made even funner by the fact that I see so many people I rarely get to hang out with the other 363 days of the year.

Now, thanks to the magic of photography, you can feel like you were there, too! These photos are courtesy of Marcy and glamberson. The full album of Marcy's photos can be found here.

A group shot. I tried to get everyone to do Devil Horns, but it didn't take. The crowd was too classy for such shenanigans. *cough*

lonesome_crow, Jay Ridler, gsguitar and Doug play Beer Football. The only rule is that you have to have a beer in one hand and use the other to catch and throw the ball. Needless to say, it was a short game.

jack_yoniga wows the crowd with his Diablo Red drumming skills during the impromptu Sabbath concert in the basement of Chez Italiano.

Then I sch00lzord him in how to really play the drums!

Hoover (with his back to the camera), yours truly, jack_yoniga and strange discuss extreme sports in the kitchen, using our EXTREME VOICES!!! Release the tigers!

B., strange, yours truly and Jay Ridler calmly discuss how different Diff'rent Strokes would have been without Gary Coleman's signature line. "I'm sorry, Willis, I seem to have misheard you. Would you mind repeating what you said?"

Then, on Sunday, I went back to Buffalo with glamberson, where I got to be a part of his ongoing Horror Writers Photographed With My Daughter series.

Then, when Greg wasn't looking, I ATE THE BABY!
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