July 17th, 2018



Mine!: A Comics Collection to Benefit Planned ParenthoodMine!: A Comics Collection to Benefit Planned Parenthood by Molly Jackson
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A great collection of short comics in support of a great cause! Editors Joe Corallo and Molly Jackson have commissioned and assembled a striking, effective comics anthology from dozens of writers and artists, including Neil Gaiman, Dennis O’Neil, Amber Benson, Rachel Pollack, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Keith R. A. DeCandido, and many more. It’s astonishing how many good short, powerful comics are inside these pages! Because this is a fundraising anthology for Planned Parenthood, many of the comics focus on the subjects of personal choice, the need for access to health care, and religious or societal adversity, but a few move beyond to talk about how important Planned Parenthood is to the gay and trans experiences, especially in the early days when there were few other places to find a sympathetic ear and factual information about AIDS, safe sex, and transitioning.

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite among all the comics, but I have a soft spot for Stuart Moore and June Brigman’s “Captain Ginger in Unplanned Parenthood,” because it involves cat-people in a spaceship (Sergeant Mittens!) and refers to the now-extinct humans as “feeders.” That one was right up my alley. There are so many stories in this anthology that you’re sure to find one that’s right up your alley, too. Highly recommended, not just for the good cause but for the sheer, overwhelming amount of talent on display.

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My Necon 38 Schedule

Necon 38 is coming up this weekend! Necon is my favorite annual convention. I’ve been attending since 2000, and only missed two years between then and now. Here’s where you can find me over the course of the convention:

Friday, July 20th

The Spark: What Inspires a Great Short Story, 2:00 PM
This will be a fun panel! Here’s the official description: “It’s the question all short fiction writers hate — ‘Where do your stories come from?’ And since most Necon Campers are too old to believe that old wives’ tale about a stork, we’ve gathered some of the best in speculative short fiction to give us a glimpse into their creative process.” With Meghan Arcuri-Moran, Christa Carmen, Nicholas Kaufmann (M), Toni L.P. Kelner, Ed Kurtz, Lisa Manetti, Helen Marshall

Meet the Authors Party, 8:00 PM
I will have copies of Chasing the DragonDying Is My Business, and In the Shadow of the Axe for sale! (Sorry, I’m all out of copies of Die and Stay Dead right now.) I will also be happy to sign any books or magazine appearances of mine that you bring along!

Saturday, July 21st

The Infamous Necon Roast, 9:00 PM
Once again I will be co-hosting the roast with Jeff Strand. This year’s victim is a doozy! You won’t want to miss this!

Sunday, July 22nd

Necon Town Meeting, 11:00 AM
I was responsible for putting together most of the programming this year, with the tireless Matt Bechtel’s help, so if you liked what we did come tell us so! If you didn’t like what we did, come tell us that, too.

You can also find me attending other cool panels, hanging out in the lobby or lounge, or browsing the dealer’s room. Come say hello! I look forward to seeing you there!

Originally published at Nicholas Kaufmann. You can comment here or there.