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International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

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March 24th, 2014

Mystery Scene Digs DYING IS MY BUSINESS [Mar. 24th, 2014|03:18 pm]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur
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Mystery Scene Magazine, the oldest, largest, and most authoritative guide to the crime fiction genre, has printed a late-breaking but extremely positive review of Dying Is My Business. Here’s a pull-quote:

Although Nicholas Kaufmann’s dark fantasy/urban noir Dying Is My Business is set in the Big Apple, it is a version of that metropolis that has rarely been seen before…The story moves forward at a blistering pace…If you’re in the mood for a fast, funny, inventive, and compelling read, your search is over. I strongly encourage you to check this one out.

Click on the excerpt to see the whole review. If you haven’t bought a copy of Dying Is My Business yet, what are you waiting for? (Also the sequel, Die and Stay Dead, is coming out September 30th! You don’t want to fall behind, do you?)

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