March 3rd, 2014


Lucifer: Evensong

Lucifer, Vol. 11: EvensongLucifer, Vol. 11: Evensong by Mike Carey

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After the second war in Heaven is over, there are still a few loose ends to tie up, such as a girls’ night out where Mazikeen doesn’t kill anyone, and one last conversation between God and Lucifer. Mike Carey’s entire series has been amazing. I read the final volume with a bit of a heavy heart, knowing the fictional world I’d lived in almost exclusively for the past couple of weeks was drawing to a close and I’d have to say goodbye to the characters I’d come to enjoy and care about. I suppose that’s the marker of any quality story: not wanting it to end. Carey created a world where even demons and monsters could be sympathetic characters, and where the cosmos could only be saved through forgiveness, compassion, and working together. That’s strong medicine. I’ll miss this series a lot.

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The Birthday Haul, Part Two

Did I mention I got a few Amazon gift certificates for my recent birthday? Well, I did, and here’s some stuff I bought with ‘em:

 An e-book exclusive Jim Chapel adventure from David Wellington, because YES!

 I splurged on the hardcover of Christopher Golden’s latest novel because A) they sold out of copies at our joint signing at Dark Delicacies in January before I could buy one for myself, and B) I want him to sign it for me at Necon this summer!

 I bought this much anticipated final volume in Joe Hill’s amazing Locke & Key series in hardcover because that was all that was available in print form. I had resigned myself to waiting a year for the less expensive paperback release, but hey, gift certificates mean not having to wait anymore!

 And finally, I bought this because shut up, that’s why!

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