April 4th, 2012


On Monsters and BDSM

Some time ago, the website Gothic.net sent me and several other authors a long list of questions about the horror genre, the results of which have been slowly doled out over time on their site under the ostensibly unironic heading “Panel of Experts.” (Ha!) Recently, two more topics with answers from yours truly were posted:

What is my favorite monster? Were they to ask me this question now instead of years ago, my answer would probably be different. I might reply that my favorite monster is the unknowable, the unseeable, the incomprehensible. But I still like the monster I wrote about, too, because when it comes to monsters I’m still a nine-year-old kid inside.

The second topic was about, um, BDSM themes in horror. Namely, is a storyline more or less frightening when BDSM themes are included, like in Hellraiser or Ichi the Killer? (Hey, I didn’t come up with the questions!) I think just about everyone else’s answer was better than mine, since mine essentially boils down to “neither.”

But anyway, that’s me, the expert on monsters and BDSM! Time to call the History Channel and pitch this as their next Halloween special!

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