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March 23rd, 2012

Privacy? What Privacy? [Mar. 23rd, 2012|08:55 am]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur
How funny is this? In an attempt to clarify its terms, Facebook has removed the word "privacy" from its privacy policy. I had to double check to make sure this wasn't an Onion article, but it's CNN.

Facebook posted a draft version of its revised terms on March 15 and gave the site's users a one-week comment period to weigh in with questions and suggestions. The changes include many semantic tweaks, like stripping the word "privacy" out of Facebook's "privacy policy," which is now called a "data use policy."

Wow. Orwell could have taken some pointers from Zuckerberg's own doublespeak. And then there's this:

Facebook's current policy says: "When you use an application, your content and information is shared with the application." Its proposed revision amends that line to: "When you or others who can see your content and information use an application, your content and information is shared with the application."

The idea that apps your friends install can access your information disturbed many of Facebook's commenters.

There's more at the CNN website. Go check it out and be aware of what's going on. Me, I find myself ever more grateful that I left Facebook behind when I did. Their blatant privacy violations just get more and more disgusting by the day. The only question is, when will the rest of Facebook's users say enough is enough?
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