March 21st, 2012


Hot Time in the City, Part Three


Oh Dear...

The Doctor's newest companion has been announced, set to debut during the Christmas special of season 7, and the actress' name is Jenna-Louise Coleman. She's known mostly for her role on the British soap Emmerdale. Here's a picture of her:

Oh dear. Not the direction I was hoping for. First of all, they keep aging the characters down, first with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and now Coleman, who is in her mid-twenties but looks like she's about to graduate high school. Next year. I don't think this constant aging down is doing the show any favors, either. It feels more like they're pandering in an attempt to attract a younger audience, which they really don't need to do. It's Doctor Who, for crying out loud. Everyone in the UK already watches it. Children, teens, adults, the elderly. Hell, fetuses watch it through bellybuttons. Stop already.

Longtime readers of this blog know I haven't exactly been a big fan of Steven Moffat's tenure as show runner, aside from enjoying a few good episodes here and there. I thought season 6 in particular was a disaster. I do not have high hopes for season 7, other than the fact that it will mark the program's 50th anniversary, and the announcement of this new companion, who seems almost exactly like the last one in terms of being young and pretty, is not tempering my trepidation.

What I'd really love to see is a change to the established dynamic by introducing a solo male companion, someone the Doctor can be a mentor to, in a way, without having to muddle through all the awkward crush misunderstandings that have pretty much marred every new companion's introduction since Rose in 2005--aside from Donna Noble, of course, and she's my favorite. ("I just want a mate." "You want...TO MATE?!") In fact, I'd love to see a companion with Donna's kind of chemistry with the Doctor again, but male to shake things up. Basically, another Jamie McCrimmon. That would be great! I'd even settle for another Turlough Vislor or Harry Sullivan. Or hell, just keep Rory on after you get rid of Amy!

(Above, Jamie mugging with the Second Doctor. Or mugging the Second Doctor. I'm not sure.)

Anyway, all my nerdly whining aside, I'm going to try to keep an open mind about this coming season, and I'm excited about whatever they've got in store for the 50th anniversary. I just hope season 7 offers more than another round of stories about how much Amy and Rory love each other, or more minutia about aspects of River Song's life that we no longer care about. The 50th anniversary certainly deserves more than that.