January 15th, 2012


Book and TV Mash-Ups

There's one of those rare trending memes on Twitter today that I find both fun and right up my alley: #bookteeveemashups, bringing together famous book and TV titles. How is that not tailor-made for me? Here's what I've come up with so far:

Little House on the Borderlands
The Quiet American Horror Story
Knight Rider of the Purple Sage
Three's Company of Wolves
The Six Million Dollar Man in the High Castle
Catch 22 Jump Street
Women on Top Chef
Hold High the Torchwood
Horton Hears a Doctor Who
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Belvedere
Boardwalk Empire of the Ants
Match Game '73 of Thrones
Chicken Soup for the Soul Train
Ghost Story and Mrs. Muir

And the best one I've seen so far by someone else:

Saved By the Bell Jar

If you're on Twitter, come join the fun! Be sure to use the hashtag #bookteeveemashups.


"Don't make me kill you again."

In the best news of the night, Jessica Lange won a Golden Globe for Supporting Actress for American Horror Story! Well deserved! She was amazing on that show, and really turned it into something extraordinary. I hope an Emmy is next! (Though her win is somewhat bittersweet, edging out the astonishing Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey.)

In other Golden Globe news, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were totally robbed in the Comedy Actress category. Yeah, Laura Dern is great, but come on, people.