January 10th, 2012



The Norwegian horror film Trollhunter is pretty great, and the special effects are wonderful. It's hard to make giant monsters scary, but through the use of atmosphere and tone, they manage it very well in this tale of a documentary film crew following Norway's lone, unofficial troll hunter on his nightly excursions.

However, as is often the case with horror movies, especially those of the "found footage" variety, the film fumbles the ending, and left me completely unsatisfied. Why is it so hard for horror movies to nail the ending? It feels like 99% of the horror movies I see these days crap out at the end, which, no matter how good the rest of the movie may have been, usually results in complete dissatisfaction. (All those horror movies you've been to where the audience left at the end complaining about how much it sucked? Mostly it's because the ending did, not the movie in its entirety.) At least this time it wasn't the usual, godawful "the evil continues"-type ending we see all the time. Thank goodness for small favors.

Anyway, despite the ending, I do recommend Trollhunter, and pretty highly at that. It's a very well done and thoughtful film, and as I said before, the trolls, all created with CGI, look amazing. I just wish they would have given the film a better, proper ending.